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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Jesus is cool.

SO here I sit, phone in hand... well... actually on the desk in front of me, but you get the picture... I just talked with Dan, the guy in charge of our Russia Trip, and he just got off the phone a few minutes ago with G3Visas, the agency securing our visas... and they have the visas in their hands. They should be in a FedEx box making their way to us overnight by now.

Dan said that this was the most stressful part about the trip so far. The money was no big deal, we were trying to get the things that money cannot buy.

Thank You everyone for your prayers.

On Friday, 13 people plus Dan are riding up to Chicago in a bus/van... and 3 others (including me) are flying in from random places and meeting at the ticket counter.

This has the potential for a lot to go wrong, please pray that it would all work out.

I read an article in an in-flight magazine once about how this man measured how rough a travel day would be. He called it the 'three dog rule.' This is how it worked. If he took a shuttle to the airport, then boarded a plane to another city, then took a taxi to a hotel... that was three segments. If he had more then three, then it was going to be a rough day. Using his method...

  • Shuttle to Pheonix Airport

  • PHX to DFW (Dallas)

  • DFW to ORD (Chicago)

  • ORD to AMS (Amstradam)

  • AMS to SVO (Moscow)

  • Bus to the Hotel in Moscow

... this is going to be one crazy trip. I think from Chicago its like 13 hours... and the way my ticket from Pheonix gets me there, add about 6 hours... July 9th is going to be one crazy travel day for me. I am accustomed to travel, especially air travel, but I tend to get impatient and short tempered when I am in an airport too long. Please pray that I will keep my focus on what really matters.

Thanks for listening, tell all your friends.

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