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Friday, July 09, 2004

As I wait.

This story on CNN.com is about a painting of the Virgin Mary returning home to Russia. It has been gone since WWII, it is an interesting read... but the theme of the story is that hope is returning with this painting. The artwork here is more then a mere painting, it is considered a Russian icon of the Russian Orthodox. People hope to be healed by merely seeing this painting, that it will give them strength to battle daily life.
"The youth swear, smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs. The icon and our faith should help save us."

I hope that our team can show the Russian people that without Christ, even this painting... rich with history, the subject of miracles, so meaningful... is nothing but oil and parchment.

What joy when the Russian people find true meaning, and true hope in Jesus.

Its about 2:30am, and in less then an hour I will be on my way to begin this trip. I found myself speechless before God earlier when I was trying to thank Him for this oppurtunity.

YES - I got a camera and will get the pictures up as fast as I can when I get home.

NO - I cannot call anyone while I am gone, unless you want to pay the phone bill at $5.00 a minute. ;)

Please remember to pray. It is the difference between a vacation, and a mission trip.

Thanks again. With much love in my heart.

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