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Monday, August 23, 2004

Work... wow...

So, I was without work for a brief period of time after I got back from Russia... I had just moved back to AZ, and didn't get anything together before I left. Well, I prayed hard about it, and God provided it.

I now have two jobs, and... since my birthday, the date of the last post, I have not had a full day off from both jobs. I had 29 hours off... Friday night into Saturday... but I had neither Friday, nor Saturday completely off.

It was easy to thank God for my jobs when I got them both, literally a day within each other... and the first week, it was easy to be pumped about going into either one... Thank You Lord for this job... but even after one week of hard hours and strange sleep schedules, it is easy for me to start to become bitter about going into work. Last night, I worked 11pm to 6:30am and I was tired... I realized about halfway through the night, I hadn't really stopped to thank my creator for where I was. Earning money to pay the bills, I need to be thankful for what I have.

As I sit here and write this, I am at my other job, from 1pm - 6pm today, and its back to the other job tonight at 11pm... I am thankful, I think now I need to ask for strength to get through some of the rough days.

School starts tomorrow, I only have one class. Russian 101. :)

I am super excited. I know, you wish you could take Russian with me, well... YOU CAN!! My class is nowhere near capacity... I think there is only like 15 people in it. So, go sign up... Pima Community College Mondays/Wednesdays 5-7pm at the Northwest Campus... Do it.

Well... The hosts of "La Houra de Poder" just showed up here at the station and I need to get the studio ready for thier show. Have a good week. :)


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