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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Its Monday and I am lovin it.

Hey yo. Life is crazy busy, hopefully slowing down just enough so that I have free time, I finally had two days off from work in a row, and I treated it as a vacation. I go back tonight and all week this week I am training new people. Hopefully, with these new people coming on board, it will alleviate much of the workload from me. I might be able to sleep full eight hour shifts on a regular basis again. :P

Anyway, some exciting things are in the mix. I mentioned in the last post about a Winter trip possibility, that has materialized for the most part and is looking very good. There are two obstacles to overcome this week before it is 100% yes. Pray for them, 1. The airfare, while not outrageous, is going to be a little more then I had hoped, and the travel agency will not ticket me without payment in full. I am calling Pastor Matt (who is in charge stateside of the trip) in the morning to see about working out some payment options through them. I will have about 90% of what I need to purchase the tickets on Friday, for it is a glorious payday. So, I should have more about that in the next few days. 2. Time off from Krispy Kreme, my boss is sensitive to my plans to go to Russia, and understands how important it is to me, but I fear that he may not give me the time off because the driving team is in such disarray at present. For those that don't know, I was already promoted to driver trainer/supervisor, so a lot is being expected out of me right now with 3-4 new people coming on board this week and next.

So please pray for that. Finances, and Work scheduling.

Thanks to the faithful who visit me everyday, and complain that I don't update.

>>from MasterRussian.com

Word: Жарко
Meaning: Hot
Pronunciation: zhahr-kah
Example: Сегодня очень жарко.
Translation: It's very hot today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What up, rocker.
I wanted to drop an artist your way.


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