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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Russian 101

So, I started my class today. Man, it was awesome! The teacher is this super cool young lady names Svetlana, and she has been teaching Russian, and English as a second Language to Russians for about 5 years. She has taught Department of Defense personell, and is certified by some crazy government agency to teach all these high level people... but she is so young! Its crazy! Also in our class is a student from Russia named Larissa (she likes Laura), appearently, the college will not let her take the test and receive credit, they actually want her to attend class. She has offered open tutoring for free a few hours everyday before class... awesome!!

Its a good class, everyone in there seems pretty cool, and I think it will go very well.

The only snag I have hit in the process is that my book for the class is like 70 bucks, and then there is a 40 dollar workbook also... so... poop on that... I don't have 120 bucks to fork over for books.

"Nachalo" Text book (book one) ISBN 0-07-230966-0 (74.06 on Amazon, it has a diff ISBN)
"Nachalo" Workbook and Laboratory Manual ISBN 0-07-230951-2 (39.06 on Amazon)

If anyone wants to buy these for me, e-mail me... and I will give you my shipping address... thanks.


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