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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Blue Like Jazz

I finished reading More Ready... the night before last... I absolutely ate it up. The way that McLaren breaks the mold of so-called evangelism really brought down some barriers in my minds and helped me feel a little more free in my Christianity.

Its a good thing that I had another book on deck.

I could not put this book down last night... I actually fell asleep still reading it... then I woke up... found my place and read for another half hour... Its a good thing that my study meeting moved from 9am to 10am... I barley made it at 10:10...

Check out Donald Miller's site... if you are even remotely interested, read his descriptions of his books in the book section... Through the first 5 sections of Blue I really feel like he is being real.

blah blah blah.


Anonymous Deb Foshager said...

Hey, I don't know you, Chris, but I know Jacob and Tania Bailey, so that's how I got on your site here (they had a link to it from one of their journal entries).
I'm afraid I'm a Don Miller fan. A couple years ago a friend from the west coast sent me his Blue book and I started reading it and was hooked from the first couple pages. I love his style, his transparency, his thinking, his ideas. So I've passed my book around to a few friends so they could be bitten. Now I just got the latest issue of "Relevant" magazine and see that there's a big article on him in there, plus he's got a new book out (I forget the title). So I'm all over that one. Just thought I'd chime in with my couple of lines.

30/3/05 21:59

Blogger Chris said...

Hey Deb!

Jacob actually emailed me a link today about the Donald Miller article in Relevant. I ordered a subscription to them also, but I am afraid it hasn't started yet... grrr...

Thanks for commenting!!

Get back to work at International Temas! ;)

31/3/05 09:43


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