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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

June is gone?

I am beginning to wonder if God intended for us to embrace capitalism.

I dislike my job. I hate the 'stuff' I have. I think banks are evil. But... In the United States... as any other industialized nation... if I stop running in place on my wheel... I wonder where my next meal will come from?

Those are some random thoughts from a dark corner of my mind...

in other news... I have opened a blog that will focus more on my mission to Moscow, including keeping you up to date on my current level of funds, and important steps I take in the process.


XML here.

I also picked up Donald Miller's latest book... Searching for God Knows What. And, an oldie but a goodie... Brennan Manning's: The Ragamuffin Gospel.


Anonymous Gray said...

WOW! you shaved your face! I would not have even recognized you.. when did you do that??

21/7/05 00:00

Blogger Chris said...

Ha Ha! I had to shave my face for work almost a year ago. Although... I would much rather rock the goatee.

21/7/05 06:07

Blogger jacob said...

hey dude. What's up? We leave for Spain in 4 days. Scarrryyy!

I am working on a brand new blog, go over and give it a look at: http://4peregrinos.com

Miss you man. I went that IT video conference it was pretty good. I learned some things about story. Blah, blah, blah...so what do you really think about your trip?

23/7/05 09:27


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