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Sunday, March 13, 2005


ok ok... emergent conversation aside for one post.

I have a meeting tomorrow with my pastor, the subject of our meeting is fundraising. See... I can't even keep it away for one whole post. I would like to see this community rally up and lay claim to what God is doing. I know this sounds selfish coming from the direct beneficiaries point of view... but, I would love to see my home church step up and fully support me. I have already had two other churches in town, and another in Virginia, indicate that they would at least hear a presentation and consider giving. But, I have not talked with my home church yet.

I am tired of seeing workers have to solicit themselves around town, put on a dog and pony show just to get some church that they have never even sat through a Sunday service with to give them $25 a month. I feel like a call girl who gets paid according to her performance. I long to see the body of believers who has brought me up; the ones who have corrected me when I was wrong; the ones who have stuck by my side while I was a blockhead; the ones who were there when I graduated High School; the ones who were there when my Dad got remarried, when he began having children again; the ones who saw me baptized, twice; the ones who were there when I gave my life to Christ to begin with... I long to see them rally around me and send me out as a representative of Jesus.

I have purposely held off all fundraising efforts because I have been waiting for this meeting.

Please pray God's will in this. If I am to dance around town and shake my butt to get the money I need to serve God... then I will step out of my comfort zone even further then I already am, but I would rather not be a working girl for Christ.


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