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Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Glacial Speed"

You've heard of warp speed. You speed on the freeway. You see the cars speed past the screen during Sunday's race. But a glacier, that just sort of floats along...

I talked to a friend on the phone tonight, and her life is going pretty fast... pretty speedily... She is in a career, is going to graduate school, and has an active social life which includes vacations in tropical places. (lucky girl huh?)

She asked me what I was doing this week... Well... I am scheduled about 30 hours at work from now until Sunday... but other then 4 shifts in 4 days... nothing. I have things I need to do... like finish my taxes... (which I am postponing, because I owe and don't want to.) But, I have had relatively little going on the past few months.

I am moving at Glacial Speed. I was gung-ho ready to go, chomping at the bit, to begin fundraising a few weeks ago when I got back from Chicago... but, since I have been home, things have progressed so slowly that at times have felt like the car has sputtered and died and will not be re-starting without a lot of work.

This weekend I am trying to put the stuff together that I will need to make a big push in regards to fundraising. Sort of... break out of the ice of glacial speed. Blah. Pray for me, please.

>> In other news... Donald Miller is featured in an article in Relevant Magazine this month. The new issue hits newstands later this week.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey Chris, I'm praying for you!

3/4/05 12:04


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