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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Searching for God Knows What

Donald Miller is rocking my world.

Today, I was reading about how Adam was created first, then Eve... but... there is a catch... there is more to the story in between Adam being created and Eve coming to fruition. Adam had to name all the animals by himself... God didn't tell Adam, "Ok son, go ahead and name the animals, then I will make you a mate." No, Adam named all the animals probably without even thinking of such a thing as a helpmate.

Miller suggests that naming the animals was no simple feat. They didn't line up for him and parade by each receiving a name (by the way, even that would take a good long while.) But, instead, he had to go observe them, and to some degree categorize and group them accordingly. He expounds much further, but... he ends up estimating that it took 100 or more years to name all these animals. Then, God created Eve for him, without even really explaining it to him.

As Miller wrote more about what those first few moments between Eve and Adam must have been like... I found myself off in daydream land trying to imagine myself as Adam in that situation...

Surely, our God is great.

--Did you know that Starbucks was named after the first mate in the classic Moby Dick? Interesting. Pray for my interview at Starbucks tomorrow afternoon! Yay!


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