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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Google's Gmail storage capacity for members is now 2.502 GB (I use about 2%, and I hardly throw away any messages)... that is 10 times what hotmail offers.

I am constantly amazed at the features that I stumble across, or that I finally take full advantage of... like the incoming mail filters... simple concept... if it is from a specific email address or domain, I label it a certain way (e.g. My Moscow Times Daily emails are always from 'themoscowtimes.com', so I have them labeled Moscow Times).

The filters allow for super quick searches, and with the new firefox gmail notifier, I can see if my new message is labeled a certain way. I have started to mark some of the junk mail that I receive from american airlines and orbitz as such, and so a quick peek at my notifier icon tells me that it is junk mail, and so I don't waste my time navigating my way away from the page I am currently viewing only to be disappointed that it is not quite spam, but not of any interest.

anyway... I love my Gmail. If you want an invite, leave a comment or send me a quick message. Accounts are free, and I won't make you do anything crazy to get one from me... but, if you want... you could donate to my missions fund!


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