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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Layout

In an effort to revamp this old beast, make it visually more appealing... and because I think the free templates that blogger offers are kinda lame, I have spend the better portion of the last week or so trying to understand html better, and tweaking a new design for my blog out.

I am pretty close to finishing it... and when it is done, I will be changing the look of this site for good... muwhahaha...

If you would like a sneak peak, check out st7.blogspot.com

*please note that the page does not load properly in Internet Explorer, but works great in Netscape and Firefox currently. I am working on making it compatible with IE.



Anonymous Kim said...

Hmm...I looked at it again today and it seems to be working. I noticed you changed things...but I'm not 100% positive that it is working right. It looks good though!

10/8/05 11:56

Blogger Chris said...

I found the leading cause of the error with IE... of course it was something dumb.

IE is almost exact, but it will not acess my "blog within a blog" so there is this giant missing secion in the left side.

So... anyway, IE looks a lot closer.

10/8/05 15:08


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