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Wednesday, December 28, 2005



I went to Netflix, because Blockbuster.com was sub par, then they raised the rates and matched Netflix. So I switched, and for the most part I have been happy in the 4 months with them. But, this week... with the mail all screwed up... I am cursing them.

I retured a movie last week. I sent it on the 22nd. They recieved it on the 23rd, and shipped a new movie same day. For those that don't know, they have a reputation for getting movies to customers next day. Usually this is true. But, because of stinkin Christmas, and Christmas (Observed), I figured, if it didn't come on the 24th, then I would get it today... Tuesday... but no. They estimate arrival tomorrow, the 28th. Ok, I understand. Holiday and all... but here is the kicker.

I dropped two more discs in the mail on the 23rd. They didn't recieve them until this morining. Tuesday, like I thought I would get mine in the same fashion. No big deal, they have already shipped the next movies. They estimate arrival... tomorrow, the 28th.

Seriously. Curse you and your one day mail.

I should have just kept my movies over the holiday. sheesh.


Blogger Joe said...

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28/12/05 02:46

Blogger Joe said...

i love my netflix!

28/12/05 02:51

Blogger Harsha said...

Right Netflix is better than blockbuster...

31/12/05 02:18


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