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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This will be quick.


Sorry I have been, out of the loop, for a while... Its just, well... I don't want to say 'writer's block' because I am certainly not a writer, a scribbler maybe, certainly not a writer. And, the word 'block' just sounds funny to me. What the heck does a block have to do with scribbling or typing? Oh, typist? No, too... Mavis-Beacon for me. What about... Writer's cramp? Scribbler's Cramp. That sounds like it fits. Scribbler's Cramp.

There you have it.

This last month has been full of self reflection, grace, lots of Halo time, and one really stupid mistake involving my mode of transportation (oh, its more then a mere speeding ticket.)

Cheers, and don't turn off the light, one may never know when they need to come home at 1 am. :)

-- ps (since when do I do ps's?) I had my Russian 201 oral final tonight, and I stomped it. Out of the five active (the class is inflated with Native Speakers, who never come to class, just show up for the written exams) students left, I was the best. :) Ok, enough self gloating. I know I won't score the highest on the written due to drop on Thursday.



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