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Sunday, October 09, 2005


map of the affected region

**UPDATED 09 Oct 05**

**According to The Arizona Daily Star, which I think was running an AP article that cited the General Commander of the Pakistani Army... the death toll could be as high as 18,000, the quake triggered mud slides and many people are believed to have died in Pakistani Kashmir.**

I just read about this earthquake... Already there are about 1200 confirmed dead, with some people predicting thousands more in the coming days.

Pray for Pakistan, Kashmir and the Middle East.

Americans, I do not mean to sound cold hearted, please know that I speak in compassion and love, but I think we need a reminder that destruction, devastation, and death happens more frequently outside our borders then within.

I just picked up Donald Millers old/new book/biography. I am enjoying it so far, only about a chapter and a half in and I am already thinking overtime. Thanks Don for making me think, and encouraging me to live.

Article here from cnn.com,also,thanks to Acquiesce for posting this on the Cafe over at planetwisdom.com.


Blogger Marilyn said...

I love the way Don, in Blue like Jazz, has a way of being so honest with life and to say what our western chuch as been needing to hear. I haven't read his biography, what is the book called. I have the book: Searching for God knows What, but I have been so busy with school that I have not had a chance to read it. I'll be praying for your funds for Russia

12/10/05 05:07

Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for commenting Marilyn! The New/Old Book is called Through Painted Deserts. (There is a really long subtitle, and it is not coming to me off the top of my head.)

Here is a post with all the info, and some links.

BTW - Don Miller has a new(er) website up. It is pretty slick looking.

12/10/05 09:26


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