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Friday, September 30, 2005

Yard Sale

... shameless advertising is ok, right?

My familia (and extended family, and church friends, and neighbors) are having a yard sale on Saturday morning... from like 6am on...

If you have any junk that you want to get rid of, please... by all means, give me a call, or my house.

If you require any junk, please... come buy and give us your money. :)

I will be at work that morning, so... yeah... I won't be helping little old ladies carry all of the junk that was "such a great deal!" to thier cars... heh...

And in other, serious, news my support level currently stands above 23%. There will be a real mail update soon... Anyone who wants to receive one, please email me at chrismwarren@gmail.com and I'll get you out one. There are some of you who I have already spoken to who did not recieve the first letter, I will include everyone this time.

I love you.


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