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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Really Good Day

... so yeah, how was your Tuesday?

Mine pretty much rocked.

I didn't have to be in at SB until 9:15am, so it was nice to sleep in a little for a freakin change. 8 hours of pure, almost unadulterated fun. Did a bunch of coffee tastings, I was wired, and the crew was superfun.

Would you like some caramel on your bottom?

After that I chilled at home long enough to stop the pain in my sides from laughing all day at work, then went to class, and really learned quite a bit. Total reinforcement of some stuff I was slipping on, and some new stuff mixed in at the end for some fun.

Dinner and drinks at Olive Garden with Ken, never ending pasta bowl... that they offer breadsticks and soup/salad with free of charge. "You gave me a potato soup! Its a freakin scam!"

Hung out with some people from work, and ran into everyone that I know (except you) at the Fox and Hound for $2 Tues.

AND I am off tomorrow. Yesssssss

Oh, and SBGF1, if you read this... there better be a reward for the coverage of a certain opening shift on Thursday.

wow. a normal blog entry. what I am to do with myself?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5/10/05 13:37

Anonymous Talli said...

And not even one mention of gmail. or Russia. Wow. :) Well, I'm glad somebody had a good Tuesday.

6/10/05 00:16

Blogger PJ said...

Hey man

Good to hear that thing are going good for you!

8/10/05 03:23


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