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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Obituary Section

Chris' 1991 Geo Storm died this past Friday. After living a full life to 175,452 miles, the little Storm went out doing what it did best, going fast. Ok, so it wasn't a track car, but it was pretty quick. While keeping pace with Trevor's Dodge, a fatal knocking started coming from the engine at about 75 as I shifted into fifth gear. It limped home, but wasn't pretty. For the last four years, it has been pretty stable and reliable transportation for me. We went through 3 break-ins, 2 stolen stereos, moved to Dallas, TX and back, went through 4 girlfriends, and about 12 tires.

In lieu of flowers, please give money directly to Chris Warren, as he is now in dire need of another vehicle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha you know I might have a car for you. Carl

23/1/06 23:31


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