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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dosvedanya Rossiya.

Too much New Year's fun
:: car wrecked on new years ::
I leave tomorrow.

Hard to believe that six months have passed - to the day, since I came to Russia.

I won't be back in the US until March however. I am heading over to Spain to help out with the team in Santiago de Compostela. I hope to make a longer entry about it soon, but the team there is in need, and is close to my heart. Check out Matt or Jacob's blog for a video of the cafe there, and to get some insight into what's happening with them.

Tomorrow night I will be in Madrid, and flying on to Santiago the next afternoon, hopefully this time on Tuesday I will be loading up some photos from Madrid.

The photo above was snapped on Jan 4th - the car wrecked on New Years day. It stayed in the very spot it crashed for five days. On the edge of the intersection, sticking out into a traffic lane, in the way. The morning of the sixth, I came out, and it had been pushed up onto the sidewalk, on the other side of the intersection. And tonight, it was still sitting there on the sidewalk. Crazy.

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Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Are you OK, Chris? Were you injured in that car? What's going on with you lately?

8/1/07 20:52

Blogger Nys said...

YAY!!! You come home in March...I was so curious ab when you came home!

9/1/07 06:30

Anonymous Lisa said...

Too it is a pity to us that you have left...
By the way today to you the letter has come. What with it to do? Answer mine e-mail.

11/1/07 09:55

Blogger Chris said...

I was not in that car. It was just wrecked near my apartment.

Lisa, I didn't get an email from you?

13/1/07 03:52


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