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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"I'm freakin' freezing up here Mr. Bigglesworth."

Traffic light in the snow.
:: Trafficlight in the snow ::
Hey Hey Hey...

I'm discovering a lot about myself.
I'm discovering a lot about Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.
I'm discovering just how cold snow is.
I'm discovering I crave community.
I'm discovering that I am a green person, and want to reside in green spaces.
I'm discovering that I loathe institutions.
I'm discovering the medicinal benefits of tea, and beer.
I'm discovering new ways of 'doing church.'

Thoughts from 2am... I wanted to say hi, so here it is. Please enjoy the photos here.


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Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Your blog made me laugh :) which you have no idea how much i need a laugh these days... so thanks. hope youre doing well. ill email soon, but you should check my blog cuz i wrote a lot in it yesterday.

14/11/06 04:45

Anonymous jacob said...

Sure you can´t stop by Santiago to debrief this thing when you are done?

I want to here about everything over tapitas!!!

15/11/06 20:52

Anonymous Masha said...

Чай - это хорошо, а вот пиво-то зачем? И насчет коммунити - пойдем вместе пить чай!

16/11/06 10:45

Anonymous Anutka:) said...

привет!!!! How are you there? I see you're getting closer to Russia:) Good for you! I hope you injoy our russian spirit and the way of life, I should say "ways of life" because, as you could see, russian inner world is very complex :) miss you SO... sad that we didn't talk much when I was in Russia... I am not sure we even can meet again before time of the Heaven... Love ya!

19/11/06 01:41


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