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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I've been in country for five months.

BAH! Craziness! Monday to This coming Sunday FFWD mode.

Back from Krasnodar. Saw James Bond. Experienced getting a friend's car back after having it get towed. Got taken for 1000 Rubles (about 40 dollars) to get the car back. Found out the real fine is only 150 Rubles (about 6 dollars). Got home at 4am. Sasha (the 8 month old I live with) hit his head because I wasn't paying attention. Went out for the night to Red Square and a cool mall. Read a lot. Met another American (a cool one). Talked on the skype until the wee hours the night with Carl and Tommy. Wrote a long email outlining my exit strategy choices from Russia. Wrote this blog entry. Got up on 4 hours worth of sleep for a team retreat (sort of, we don't actually go anywhere until Sat I think...). Had a heart attack (ok, hopefully that won't happen.)

Loved every minute of it. (except the ones with gas, or extreme cold.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok so what is skype? youve mentioned it a few times but im still clueles... anywwho, sounds like a day. hope youre doing well.

12/12/06 22:23


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