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Thursday, October 21, 2004

In Limbo

I have existed in this state for quite some time now. There was a time when I had hoped to go to International Teams training last September, it was coming up fast, but there was a chance. Then, the portion of the application phase that depends on other people came.

My references. One Friend. One Pastoral. One Co-Worker/Boss.

I chose them well. Someone who had known me years. Someone I was very close to when he was my Youth Pastor. Someone who gave me a chance, and a great time in Texas.

Two of them recieved e-mails, one was to recieve a packet in regular mail. Those things were sent out Aug 25th. The training in September started like the second week I believe. The e-mails could have come back quick, the regular mail a little longer, but still quick... Well... Today is October 20th. Yesterday one finally was faxed in to International Teams, one also got dropped in the mail box today. I still don't know about the last one...

Two months, I have been 'in limbo' waiting for my references to get back to IT. Its killing me, but at the same time, I think I needed it. When I applied to International Teams, I was still high on my adventure from the summer. I wanted to be back in Russia for my year by Christmas. When I missed the training in September, that all got pushed back until I can make the next training which is in February.

I say I needed it though... why? The time spent waiting was not wasted. It has allowed me the time neccesary to really sit down and think of how long a year away from my little brothers is, it allowed me time to really evaluate what I will do while I am there. It allowed me time to really ask myself 'why Russia?'

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Word: Завтра
Meaning: Tomorrow
Example: Увидимся завтра!
Translation: See you tomorrow!

Увидимся завтра!


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