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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
I've been wanting to register a domain name for a while, I actually want to build my own server and have everything self contained... But I am poor. Anyway, I took my first step in this process about a week and a half ago... I used GoDaddy.com, "The #1 ICANN registrar."

First of all, I think the whole thing is a racket organized by the Mafia. Not that particular website, but the whole domain name registration process in general. GoDaddy resides where most registration services do. $8.95 a year, and they have a bundle of free extras, like (of the most interest to me) ad supported hosting. I didn't want to do much by way of a server. Just put up a redirect page to www.chriswarren.blogspot.com, and have a place on the internet where I could host my own files, like photos, audio clips, and video clips.

I registered my new .org for two years, and opted for 'privacy' (+$1.95/yr) which means that if someone attempts to look up information about the person the domain is registered to, they get an arbitrary 3 party. They can contact this company, who will relay correspondence to me. I know, not many people are going to inquire about my site... But... It is the internet. Plus... I freely tell you who I am in my sidebar. It just helps me sleep better at night ok?

The reason that I think it is a racket of sorts is this. The ICANN (I have no idea what that stands for) only charges .25 cents a year to have a domain registered. But, unless you are a certified registration service, you do not have the authority to register a domain with ICANN. So then you pay for these inflated services from this 3rd party registrars. Stupid.

Registering and setting up my domain was very straightforward and simple. But... 9 days on... I still have not been able to access my host to load files onto it. I just sent my 6th email to the support department. They have been pretty helpful, but the issue is still not resolved. Also, one thing that bothers me is that It has always been a different name on the reply to me. With the last reply I received, It felt like he didn't even read the last email to me.

Whatever... I am just getting frustrated with it. I'm hungry... Maybe I will add more later.


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