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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Halo Graphic Novel

I am pretty pumped. I have never been into comic books too much... I mean, I am a guy, and so I grew up readin them. But, I never learned the authors/artists names and I never collected them. That said. I am pumped.

Annouced in the update this past Friday. Frankie tries to pass it off as 'the next project' that they have been working on. While I do not doubt that this is technically the next project... I have serious doubts about it ending here. After all... a few weeks back he was talking about different builds of exiting things they were passing around the internal network at Bungie. You don't need "builds" for a graphic novel that will be printed in book form. Bungie, everyone knows that you are working on Halo 3. Even if you decide to make another game before you release Halo 3, you are still working on it. It has been made public knowledge that you are writing more novel content (The HGN plays a role in that), and that movie stuff is in the works; all of this leads to Halo 3. I don't expect a release date to be set anytime in the near future, but you are working on it.

Why would you hire a new "mission designer" if you weren't?

Why would you need a new AI programmer?

And, although you denied ilovebes2.com, was it just a cleverly desguised way to get people to visit it?

I love you Bungie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I made you late to the party....but we DID have fun @ church and lunch ;)

21/3/06 07:33

Anonymous Jenn said...

And I understood about 3 lines in this entire blog!

Hope this comic book (?) ends up being everything you want and more!


22/3/06 08:19

Blogger Chris said...

More then a comic book. It is a GRAPHIC NOVEL!!! hha.

22/3/06 10:23

Anonymous Jenn said...

I am SO sorry I made that mistake! Graphic novels are so much more grown up than just regular ol' comic books!

22/3/06 21:07

Blogger Amanda C said...

If you're into graphic novels, I suggest you check out Powers, by Brian Bendis, illustrated by Mike Oeming. Great plotline and amazing artistic work.

25/3/06 02:39


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