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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kids these days...

So, tonight I closed at Starbucks, and we close at 10:30pm... then we stay and clean for about another hour. Tonight was a good close, and we were wrapping things up about 11:30, I am doing a final walkthorugh, make sure the drivr thru window is locked when... whap. Some jerks in a late 90's silver Mustang decide to egg us. What the hell are you doing egging a Starbucks on a Saturday night? Whatever happened to TPing someone you know, or going to the movies? Its gross... the egg got in places that we can't reach to clean. I'm glad we were there though, that would have been a pain in the ass to clean up in the morning after it dried all night.

No biggie... an extra ten minutes worth of work that I got paid for, so maybe I should thank those idiot kids. So, we clocked out and Jen says... "Well, I'm glad they didn't egg my car." Denniel says, "Yeah, they probably took one look at my car and felt bad." I say, "They did egg mine. See it there on my grill and hood."

Now its personal you souless minors. I caught it and got it washed within 20 minutes of it happening and my paint is still discolored.

Oh well... I guess it karmaic payback for egging the Schwans guy when I was in Jr. High.


Anonymous sarah said...

crazy youngins!! go team ristretto - we are so going to win!

19/3/06 10:46


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