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Friday, March 17, 2006

Long Lost Thursday

I miss you PAX

I suck at blogging, that is all there is to it. It is a good thing that I don't get paid for this stuff, because my chedder would be weak man, weak.

Here is a post to silence the voices, and something nice to listen to here.

I went and played on Mt. Lemmon in the snow on Monday and on Wednesday. I am such a baby, I am so sore from sledding. I need to work out more. Ken, when are you going to LA Fitness again?

If you went with me on Wednesday, send me your photos. I should have mine up on Saturday or so.

I am about to change my voicemail again, and I need something witty to say... any suggestions?

PJ(and Ruth): We are so hanging out yo. I will call you tomorrow night or Saturday for sure.

This post contained little content. :)


Anonymous Heather said...

ok so lol i havent talked to u in like 3 years and ive only talked to u like 2 lol but i went to a pw camp and saw ya when u were a camera guy at the arkansas one like 3 yrs ago and i saw ya on pw (im coolwitha"k"girl) lol but yah it'd be coo to talk to u again if u remember me lol!!well yah...lol

17/3/06 22:14


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