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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snow Patrol

18" in Ski Valley??
So, Flag better watch out. I got in some serious sledding practice this past week. The slopes were open starting Tuesday... pretty sweet.

The Snowbowl opened in Flagstaff today. My time off is still pending. I might just have to quit so I can go snowboarding.

It is supposed to rain/snow here again tomorrow (today). That would be awesome! I'm praying. haha.

For a limited time, the photos I have are in that nifty flash badge on the right. I will try and gather as many photos from the trip as I can and put them there for your viewing pleasure.


Props to Gray for spending spring break down in New Orleans cleaning up/rebuilding. I want pictures and a story soon girl!


Anonymous Gray said...

I'm super stoked that you mentioned my trip in your post! :) I could spend days talking about everything that happened last week. I had actually just posted a semi-update (although it doesn't really do the week justice in any way) right before I read your updates! I would really love to tell you about the cool things that happened! Also, pics will hopefully start going up at some point this week.

19/3/06 07:58

Anonymous Talli said...

That's an awesome band.

20/3/06 21:20


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