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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Forbes.com list of the world's most corrupt countries.

Before you accuse me of being more nerdy then you already think I am, let me make this disclaimer: I do not frequent Forbes.com, but everyone knows that they are famous for their lists. From the 400 Best Big Companies to The Best (and Worst) Dressed Billionaires and even The Most Expensive Diseases.

Gmail brings me interesting topics in the form of RSS feeds right in my email box. I love it.

But, more seriously... Corruption, poverty, oil money, HIV/AIDS those are issues that need to be addressed now. We cannot push these issues off onto yet another generation. Africa will self implode if we do not help them. As it is, many of it belongs to Warlords, while the rest wallow in the myriad of poverty and disease.

International Relations and Linguistics are defiantly on the short list of possible degree programs I would like to be involved in.

America: you can make a difference.

Christians: you are called to make a difference.

Together we can.

For more info on poverty and AIDS in Africa, visit one.org, or data.org


Anonymous Jacob said...

Nice! I could do it all over that's the direction I would have gone, toward a degree that could really help the situation in Africa.

Tania and I have made a commitment to tithe part of our time each week to learning more about africa with the hopes of actually making a difference there.

I stand with you in raising awareness and calling for a "Christian" response!

22/2/06 21:23


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