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Sunday, February 26, 2006

My highest score ever is a 140...

Starlight Lanes in Flag (not pictured)
I think I am going to go out for the PBA, the Professional Bowlers Association. I remember watching it on TV as a kid growing up on my Dad's four channels. The excitement, the suspense, the competition... Ok, so it really wasn't that exciting. Bowling to me, on TV at least, was anticlimactic at best. You expected the person to get a strike, how else could they be competing at this level. Its sort of like watching the homerun derby in Baseball. You expect them to hit homeruns... When they don't, people look at them funny. You watch the Homerun Derby to see your favorite MLB players hit the most spectacular homeruns ever. You watch the PBA to see you favorite bowlers make the most fantastic strikes you have ever seen. Maybe you watch the PBA like you watch NASCAR... Just waiting for the really horrible wreck. Be honest, on an oval track, its really not that exciting. But, things certainly get interesting when someone wrecks... Especially if there is more then one car involved and things are on fire. In bowling, the wreck is the 9 in the 9th frame... So devastating... But, we are sick, and we are drawn to it.

I went bowling tonight with my friends Carl and Mike up here in Flag. It was pretty fun... I bowled a 120 the first game, with a [9/X] tenth frame just for show. I only needed to knock down one pin in the 10th to clinch victory. Carl posted a modest 90 somethin, and Mike... We'll Mike had a good time. The second game was a bit more of a battle. I started out nicely, with a [71][X][X][8/] for my first four frames, but then, Carl jinxed me. I was up by more then 30 points heading into the 6th frame. I told Carl he could still win (technically it was possible, but would require some magic). He almost got it... He posted a few spares and a strike heading into the tenth, and I posted about 10 points in three frames. Carl finished with a 101, and was actually ahead of me, with one remaining frame for me. I only need to knock down 4 to clinch, and I got 7, and 2... Due to a pending spare, I finished with 113.

PBA, you better watch your back. I am coming like an out of control locomotive. Chris "The Loco Motive" Warren.


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