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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Through being nice, but it is Thursday...


So, I felt bad about not giving you a song of the week last week, but, you did have a bonus track the week before, so don't complain to loudly... :)

I wanted to do something really special for you this week, and was going to try and have a video posted in lieu of a song (a music video, so that is would still qualify for song of the week.) But, I am through doing nice things for the week, nothing I have done has worked out according to plan. So, you will have to wait until I feel like being nice again.

Bleach was a fun band when they were around. I recently picked up this album in remembrance of the good times I had with Bleach playing in the background. It is a must for anyone who was even a casual bleach listener over the last decade. I would include my normal slew of links to interesting things about Bleach, but I couldn't really find anything interesting except the stuff at tooth and nail's site.

I'm working on an archive page that will have all of the songs that I have put here at one time or another, so look for that soon.

I have a test in Russian 202 today. Yay. &hearts.


Anonymous Rick said...

Just came across your webpage. Pretty cool.

19/2/06 06:16


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