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Sunday, March 26, 2006


This whole week has been crazy fun... Like... Crazy fun. A lot of fun.

Thanks to PJ, Ruth, and Mandie for coming down to the Old Pueblo for spring break. I had a really great time with all of you this week. But, we seriously spent too much time at Starbucks. I cannot work there eight hours a day, then be expected to spend another hour or two hanging out at one. Seriously. I was 'bucksed out by Wednesday night.

I saw "She's the Man" with Amanda Bynes yesterday... I thought it was funny, and apparently it is based loosely on Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," but, since I haven't actually read the Shakespeare, I went in search of a review that might shed some light on the comparison, and came back with this article.
"Forget about that "inspired by William Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night.' " Other than using several characters' names, "She's the Man" borrows little more than the common Elizabethan device of a gender-crossing disguise."
The article goes on to tell you every plot twist included in the movie, so if you actually want to see the movie, and believe that you will actually be surprised by the end... then... Don't read the bottom half of the article. I thought the movie was funny, albeit predictable, and in some parts down right cheesy... I was entertained.

I've wanted to play pool for like 3 days too. Ever since Mandie mentioned it the other day, so I am glad that we finally got that out of the way this afternoon; and also established that I can shoot the eight ball in every time if I am about to win... I shoot at something else just in time to see the cue strike the eight out of turn and send it careening into the closest available corner pocket. I want a rematch when you come back down yo.

Tonight however was filled with "Pride and Prejudice." Now, that was a great movie. Grrrrreaaaat!! I really wanted to see it in the theater, but, I didn't have a girl to go with... Seriously, no guy in his right mind would go with another guy to see that movie.

I have not read the book, nor seen the older 'extended' (6 hours!?) version. But, I loved the movie. It was nominated for four Oscar's this year. From the second scene, you know how it will end. That is the beauty of a chick flick, but the drama that ensues to bring two people together is the joy of a sappy love story.



Blogger Monique said...

i'm so excited that you loved Pride and Prejudice!!!

27/3/06 01:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris...what is with you menchioning EVERYONE we hung out with this week, BUT me! :-(

27/3/06 07:54

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Hey Chris-- ill take you up on that pool challenge. Ruthie and i are thinking about playing once a week at one of the restaurants here in estes to get good. so watch out, maybe i might actually beat you out of skill instead of luck this time! take care.

28/3/06 00:05

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Wow, that banner is amazing on stacy's blog. its BEAUTIFUL!

29/3/06 08:39


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