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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow, NorthBridge! Check um out yo.

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Cool things happening with the NorthBridge Group here in Moscow, we leave later today for Voronezh. Check out the Team's blog for more info and updates on that!

We are riding "Plot's Cart" by train, its an overnight trip... Plot's Cart is the cheap ticket on the train. 53 people to a wagon, 2 bathrooms to a wagon, 0 doors to a wagon... Yeah... That is right... Its all open. Truly a cultural experience, I am excited to be tagging along with the team.

Once again, keep checking out the NorthBridge Blog! They are getting a massive amount of hits, so represent Tucson on their stat tracker by visiting them!

We're in Voronezh for a youth pastor training (Perspectiva), pray that the people coming to the training will be ready to soak up the information.

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