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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Man, I stink at updating!

These people don't though... they are cool!

NorthBridge Blog.
Stacie's Blog.

I like bowling.



Blogger Helena Finch said...

Friend, I love the smile he he he. You really should sleep more...

25/10/06 07:38

Anonymous Tommy said...

LOL crooked thumb bowling rules!! :)

25/10/06 14:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when engaged in a life and death obcession about 'the other's it is hard to have time to update...but bowling is cool indeed!

26/10/06 00:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe we are "the others".
Maybe we are also the "vampires"- you know living off of the life blood of others (but not "the others" because we might be them). Just a thought.


31/10/06 19:38


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