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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trafficking and Traditions.

"We are poor people. ... What are we to do?" she said.
[from CNN.com]
The quote is from the girls mother, who has 'leased' her daughter as a kamlari, or, slave. [whole article here.]

The article highlights a form of slavery that has existed in Nepal for generations. It baffles me.

It struck me... the value of this girls life is $25-$50 dollars a year? For $100 bucks a year, the family would have enough of an incentive to keep their daughter at home.

Where can we draw the line? Is there even a line to be drawn? Do we draw it in the sand? Do we etch it in stone? Do we even posses the tools to draw this so called line?

What do you think?

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Blogger Anne said...

Hey, I just came across your blog, I was thinking back to this summer in Santiago. How is Moscow? How is your Russian coming along?
Take care,

27/9/06 01:41

Anonymous Masha said...

Do you think if you gave that family $100 bucks they still wouldnt sell the girl? Try it, collect money and go to that village, see what happens. On the other hand, I would seriously go with you if you went there as a missionary. Been trying to work with orphans for four years - you can give them clothes, food, money, but it all goes nowhere unless they change the way of thinking. God can do that. I dont think you could help them with money, its not up to you to bless them. God can change lives, spiritually and financially. You dont have to play God, but you can tell them about Him.
Your Paradigma friend Masha

27/9/06 10:03


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