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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Google Calendar... And why you should submit to Google World Domination...

I've had a Gmail account nearly as long as I have been blogging. Google has owned blogger for a little longer then that, and one thing I always wished was that I could use my Gmail username to login here.

Well... Google expanded Gmail into full fledged Google Accounts. Yay! Some of you have already seen me use Google's Picasa Web Albums, and I have also played around with Google Spreadsheets. And, just today, I have integrated Google Calendar into my sidebar.

Blogger.com has now officially launched a Beta program, for the past few months, people who have signed up for the beta needed to create a Google Account. My favorite part of this is that Gmail's super sweet spellchecker has replaced blogger.com's cumbersome java applet. This blog will be making the migration soon, but for now, I am testing the Beta out with a new blog. [ssshhh its still a secret!]

Gmail itself is now over 2.7gb of personal email storage for FREE! Accessible anytime, from anywhere, as long as you have a computer with the Internet. If you need a Gmail invite, send me a message... In the U.S. (and selected locale, but not Russia) currently, you can get an invite code via SMS here! Sign-up for your FREE everything from Google today, maybe they will spare you when they take over the world.

I love you Google. And, I am not even signed up for AdSense...

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Anonymous stacy said...

You are a true Google whore!

26/9/06 05:29

Blogger susan said...

so, basically, you just want to share ALL of your personal information with the world ... like I care about your meeting with Sergei? Though knowing when Lance is out of town could become interesting information ... hmm ...

26/9/06 09:05

Blogger Chris said...

Return to me... isn't that a movie... with Lance out of town, its easier then ever to organize our schedules using Google Calendar! Send me a message when you get yours up and we can sync em. haha.

- And Stacy, you are exactly right... I am, and I know my role... And you know what else? I like it.

26/9/06 09:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that they've fixed the commenting problems with beta accounts - beta users couldn't comment on non-beta blogs and vice-versa - I haven't had any other problems with beta; welcoming the ability to finally label (tag) posts :).

I too am a "Google whore" ;). I've been using Gmail for so long that I dread sorting my work email into folders after being spoiled with labels. The reminder system with Google calendar has proved very useful - can use options to text notifications to your cell phone. I've been playing with Google Notebooks the past week (here if you want to see what one looks like) and am now on the lookout for reason to play with Writely now that it is integrated with Google Accounts.

26/9/06 22:56

Anonymous Tommy said...

Pretty sure eventually Wal-Mart will buy google, or vice versa and the "Empire" will be complete! Muahahahahaha! Google Rules!

29/9/06 12:57


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