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Monday, January 22, 2007

Scot McKnight - Emerging.

I have been following McKnight's blog over at jesuscreed.org for a while. Ok, like, three months maybe.

He caught my eye a while back when Jacob put a link to him over at 4peregrinos.com. He recently had an article published in Christianity Today expanding a bit on that article which caught my eye.

5 Streams of the Emerging Church.

I think that Dr. McKnight does a good job of fleshing out a broad base of what and where emergent is and is headed. If you are an evangelical who has already discounted the emerging movement as nonsense, you probably won't change your thoughts. But, if you simply don't know what the emerging church is, or has been little informed, it will serve as a good comprehensive base to start off of.

I am hesitant to call myself "emergent," yet, I am. What I am reading is pacing with my thinking. My own individual observations, my own individual experiences. I have been discontent for years with church, church business, preaching in general, worship in general, church politics... Pretty much everything having to do with my conservative Baptist faith. I do not mean to call names, or point fingers, because I don't feel offended by one person or entity specifically. This discontent stems from a desire to know my Lord better, to know Jesus better.

Its also come from a questioning of certain fences that have been set in the American Christian faith... More on that in the next couple of days... Again from Scot McKnight.

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