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Friday, January 19, 2007

No comprendo.

So, I sit here at the cafe, on a bit of a break. Really between mini rushes. Nothing like the mornings I used to suffer at 'bucks (and may suffer yet again soon). The people are pretty chill for the most part. They drink coffee because they enjoy it, not because they will run someone off the road on the way into the office if they don´t have their quadruple venti extra foam vanilla latte in less than three minutes in the drive through surrounded by addicts like themselves.

No, the people here come to socialize, to use our FREE wifi (a newer concept here), soak in our song choice.

Occasionally -- They come in to ask questions. That is where I struggle, you see... I don't speak Spanish. I never have, I never took a class in high school or college, never had a friend who forced me to try and learn a few words. Just a minute ago, a couple of girls came in and ordered a couple of cokes. Then, they started asking a questions about the cans of coffee that we sell. I don't know the words to help them, I want to, its my nature to help people, but I hit a veritable brick wall when trying to converse with these people.

No comprendo.

Those are the words I say the most. Well, maybe behind 'cafe con leche' and 'coca cola.'

It seems dead for a Friday night. I mean, c'mon, I am blogging for crying out loud. But, people here don't really go out until 11, 12... They stay out later too. A cafe (like us), can only stay open until 2am, but a pub can stay open until 6am. So, now, would be the calm before the storm if we were a pub.

More later... I have to serve some drinks.

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Blogger Worthy of Love said...

so is skype the only way you have to really communicate with people now at this point?

20/1/07 08:56

Blogger betty said...

¡Hola Chris! Creo que entiendes mucho más de lo que crees.Además algunas veces las palabras no son necesarias y con una sonrisa alcanza.¡Date tiempo y verás!Bicos;Betty

20/1/07 14:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

man I miss you. i cant wait until you come home and we can sit and chill in front of the giant entertainment box in the living room. The other night we were in the spa and I was thinking 'Chris would be leading the conversation right now if he were here' Never mind it was FREEZING outside and took over 5 minutes to warm up after stepping into the 104 degree water! Life will be grand when youa re hoe again and serving the wild caffeine addicts of Southern AZ. Did you hear that your Bucks just got the City mug? 1 Million customers served i that little shop! Pretty wild!

20/1/07 17:55

Blogger Nys said...

Hi :)

23/1/07 06:05


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