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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Poco y poco...

So, little by little the EspaƱol is a comin'. The worst is trying to type English or HTML code on a keyboard... The symbols I need are all in strange places.

New pics over at my flickr.

I don't know how many things I have broken since I have arrived in Santiago... lets count.

1 - Glass from picture frame.
1 - Black umbrella (I helped it along, it was already hurting).
1 - Large coffee cup.
1 - Old footstool.
2 - Porcelain tea strainers.
1 - Super delux Coca-Cola glass.

7 - My total brokeness. In less then two weeks, amazing!

Ok... I need to run to bed. Tomorrow I have to go shopping for the cafe (I'll try and take some pictures), and work on the public use computers... They are are gummed up with garbage programs. Programs like... MSN Messenger and eMule. Who installs this junk?

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Blogger PJ said...

Sharp sideburns. Be careful though, you could poke someone's eye out

25/1/07 04:43

Anonymous Ken said...

I counted 8 broken things.... you broke my heart when you didnt come home :-(

25/1/07 22:33

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Wow, you are becoming as klutzy as me :)

28/1/07 11:19

Blogger ESandra said...

breaking things in other countries. thats awesome. haha

28/1/07 19:01


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