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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fresh? Not so much... but there is music!

I know that I should have something fresh up here.

If for anything to either fry up the dead fish that is Jesus Camp below, in order to re-hash it a bit... Or, to bury that stinky piece of rotting flesh once and for all.

Either way... In order to move along in the name of 'constantly improving,' here is your post.

I've heard the new Kings of Leon album coming out 'soon,' I love it. No comment on how this material came into my possetion...

I'm also checking out the new Of Montreal: Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Its a little too industrial pop for me, but the lyrics are worth a listen. If you have recently been in a breakup... Check it out. The entire album seems to be the singers struggle with his relationship with his wife. (HT: Relevant Mag)

This was the find of the week for me. Wireless power. Now, does anyone have a timetable on when I can pick this up at Radio Shack? (HT: LifeHacker)

I love you all. No seriously, my heart is large enough for all of you to drown in my ocean of emotion. At least come check out the beach, you'll def go for a swim then.

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Anonymous chrishansen said...

hey man, it was good to spend a bit of time together with you when we were in town... i hope our paths cross again!

speaking of music, i've been appreciating plus/minus's latest album. more at plusmin.us

23/2/07 19:00

Blogger Nys said...

Chris..........when do you come to Tucson??

25/2/07 01:05

Anonymous jacobo said...

I am confused...does this mean I can or can´t comment on how Because of the Times came into your possession??

Chris Warren is freaking awesome Camarero! I looks like 2 more times...dude. Then that´s it.

26/2/07 15:24


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