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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One person.

Colors, textures, oh my.
Funny how days go.

When I started typing this...

There was only one person in the cafe. One. He's deaf. Sooo... I built a little play list on the iTunes... Productive I know.

I also cleaned every table, every menu, every dish, and was about to sweep when some people walked in. Wow. Now, there are six of us (I'm including myself this time).

Yay, I have something to do!!

... And I broke a cappuccino glass today, part of it is now embedded in my middle finger, do you want me to show you the finger?? Wow, I crack myself up.

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Blogger Amanda C said...

I hope the Cafe's taking the damages out of your paycheck. You owe em big.

31/1/07 00:39

Anonymous Jenn said...

It's your thing. Get used to it. Ross gets divorced. You break things.

Enjoy your last month in Spain.

31/1/07 02:03

Blogger Nys said...

At first I was like, "Yah, show me the finger! I keep wanting to show everyone my incision from surgery today, so I'll look at your finger!" Until.....I realized WHAT you met...tisk, tisk Chris!

31/1/07 03:00


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