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Monday, January 29, 2007

I like numbers.

Spur of the moment cafe stats.

22 people total.
2 in the bathroom.
14 laptops.

Its hard to write stats, because as soon as you write them. They change.

The people:
25 people in total.
1 in the bathroom.
4 Americans.
2 Germans (I would guess).
1 Swede.
2 Deaf People.
I know 5 peoples names.
3 people are new to me.
The rest I see nearly everyday in this cafe.

The interwebs:
14 laptops.
2 public use computers.
1 employee use computer.

The drinks:
(in no particular order)
2 normal teas.
1 Special Vanilla Infusion tea.
3 Heineken CaƱas. (Small beers from the tap.)
3 Hot Chocolates.
1 Room temperature bottled water.
1 Double espresso.
3 Coca-Colas.
1 Coca-Cola Light.
1 Sprite.
1 Short espresso (solo corto).
1 Grande Cafe.
6 Cafe con leches. (The standard cafe drink.)
1 No drink - Pastry only.

Misunderstandings today:
1 - The girl was looking for work. I thought she was asking for a cafe to go. I don't need to explain anything else. It was awkward.

Things broken today:

0 - This is bound to change.


Anonymous Jacob said...

This is absolutely hilarious... But I totally understand... awesome!

30/1/07 11:25

Blogger Chris said...

... Jacob...

I broke a small glass while doing dishes last night.

I can't go one day... Seriously. If there was a long term plan here - it would involve garnishing my wages to replace stuff. At least the beer glasses are free from the companies!

30/1/07 14:32

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Speaking of paper ware at starbucks... i applied at star bucks estes park today. how exciting. ill let you know how it goes :) hope everything is great there.... oh and by the way, the way i learned to stop breaking things at my work, cuz seriously i thought they were going to start charging me, was to slow down a bit, think about everything youre doing and focus... which you are probably doing all of but really take your time and move a lil slower and see how that goes :) take care.

2/2/07 09:22


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