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Monday, November 08, 2004

As the week starts

What up yo.

I've already said that the last few weeks have been crazy for me, and the once coming is no different. But, I would like to make one change, I would like to ask for your prayers as I head into it.

My family has had a bit of an auto crisis of sorts. My parents have 3 vehicles, 2 cans and a sedan. All 3 have needed repairs in the last 2 weeks. My car as well... as much as I love it, has had some issues recently, and needs to go in this week for more repairs. I hate unexpected expenses, I think everyone does... 1 of my parents vans is being towed out to their mechanic in the morning. So please pray that our repairs are cheap and effective. Also, we will presently have a '93 Saturn SL1 for sale if anyone is interested...

Plane Tickets are sorted, next is the visa, I am processing the paperwork tonight and tomorrow, please pray that it gets approved swiftly. Also pray for the rest of the group as they are at the same step in the process.

The week at Krispy Kreme is shaping up to be another long one. Praise God that today was my last Sunday at the radio station. I loved it, but it was killing me on Sunday's. Please Pray that I have the energy and strength to, not just make it, but to be great at my job.

I haven't officialy sent out a prayer letter for the current trip yet. But, I thank you for praying, and although I am trying to provide for the Winter Trip out of my own income, if anyone would like to help out financially, please contact me via e-mail: cwarren@wisdomworks.org or give me a call 214-228-1001.

Thanks for praying. I need it.


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