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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Who needs updates anyway?

I actually have some big news to drop today...

... I am pregnant.

... totally kidding, umm... hello, I am not even a girl. HAHA. Wow, April fools or something...

For real though... I purchased my plane tickets to Russia yesterday!! Thank You to all who prayed about that stuff, and keep those prayers coming. I was still a little skiddish to ticket without having my time off from work in writing, but my boss assures me that everything should be in order by December, so the end of the year should be no problem.

The next step for the Winter Trip will be my visa. I have the money to do it, and should get that in process by Monday. Please pray that there are no snags or snafus in the processing process. :)

In the four weeks since I became trainer at Krispy Kreme, I have trained 4 1/2 people. I would say 5, but my current trainee only has one day under his belt, so we'll see. One guy quit on his third night. I have 1 1/2 more to go until we are fully staffed for our new accounts. Please pray that I can keep up, its been hard to make it to class the last few weeks, I am averaging about 10 hours of overtime a week. I really feel blessed that I have been able to cover the expenses for the Winter Trip out of that income, and if it means working 10 -15 hours OT a week, I really don't mind. I just need strength to keep up.

Thanks Yo. Come back soon. Tell a friend.


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