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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am such a tool.

Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
School starts again today... And well... Lets just say... I was not the most studious since the end of last semester. I called Anya (a friend of mine from Russia, who now lives in Toronto) this weekend, and I stunk it up with my horrible Russian. Как ужасно!

I am such a tool. I have not paid for class. I do not have a car. And I need a haircut. Jeez.

... I have heard that some people cannot hear the song on the left. First, you have to push play... But, if it still doesn't work, leave me a comment or an email... I will fix it, but this is all new to me. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...After I pushed play :)
It worked when I tried it at work--great song! And nice photo...there are no words...

18/1/06 04:27

Anonymous Talli said...

You called me last night. Weird. I think I accidentally hung up on you before I could even answer. I tried calling you back, but you didn't answer. Assuming it wasn't a mistake (that's happened with you before) call me back, and I can almost guarantee that I will answer.

18/1/06 22:50

Anonymous Talli said...

Yeah, um, I already have Transatlanticism, so you can forget about you. I'll still get Plans for you.

19/1/06 04:52

Anonymous Talli said...

Yeah, that first sentence on that last comment didn't really make sense, but you know what I meant.

19/1/06 04:53

Blogger Chris said...

You're right. That didn't make sense.

But, I do understand what you are communicating to me. Thanks for having Plans for me. :)

19/1/06 05:04


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