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Friday, February 03, 2006

Report For Duty Soldier!

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Funny article in Friday's Moscow Times. I've copied here for you because the website requires a subscription to access archived news stories.

Russia has a conscription army, where you are required to serve, I am not sure all of the requirements or exceptions. It is the opposite of the United States, where we have a professional army, unless the draft in enacted, in which case we revert to a form of conscription.

Friday, February 3, 2006. Issue 3345. Page 2.

One-Year-Old Gets Drafted
The Moscow Times

An army recruitment office in Volgograd mistakenly drafted a 1-year-old boy, and the child's grandmother was prepared to take him to report for duty but decided not to because of the cold, Izvestia reported Thursday.

After Dima Verenitsin turned one on Jan. 9, he received orders from a Volgograd army recruitment office to report for duty by Jan. 16, Izvestia said.

"At first I wanted to take him to the recruitment office, but then the cold wave came and he got sick," Verenitsin's grandmother, Lyubov Galushkina, told the newspaper. "I decided to call instead. They could have at least joked around with me, but instead they were rude to me."

Vladimir Morozov, deputy head of the recruitment office, said the office had received false information that Verenitsin was born in 1989.

Yikes. !!


Anonymous Gray said...

HA! That is actually kind of horrible. It makes me think of this woman I saw on TV who had been called back into the US Army after being out for like 20 years. She was 60 years old, 90 pounds, and couldn't even lift a gun anymore... very sad!

7/2/06 01:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No new news? What's that abouts?

16/2/06 08:56


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