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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Terra Nova RED

Cafe Terra Nova

I have been doing some wonderings as of late (the last few months). Emergent is part of it, so if you want some concrete answers on where I am, you won't get many. But, I can tell you that the journey is good.

My friends Jacob and Tania Bailey are in Santiago, Spain working at a cafe. I love it. Jacob put together this 8 minute video to highlight and explain what they are doing in Spain. It makes me want to scrape together what little money I have, buy a one way ticket, a Spanish pocket translation book, and join them there.

Alas, for now, out paths are not one in the same, and though I can't see over the next hill... I feel good about it.

The video available for download will work perfectly on Mac's (yet another tip to the almighty Macintosh), but the compression will not allow for Windows users to view it with WMP or Windows version of Quicktime. So, download this nifty multi-platform media player (VLC) here and then enjoy the video.

Download the 23mb video here.
Download the 9.2mb VLC here.


Anonymous monique said...

that's why Macs are amazing!

1/2/06 23:38

Blogger Chris said...

Amen sister. But, they are also expensive. And... don't even get me started on iPods and .aac file types.

3/2/06 02:43

Anonymous monique said...

not so expensive if you're a student. i got a discount on my computer. so are you going to mae then?

3/2/06 09:38

Anonymous Jacob said...

thanks for the props dude!
You are the man!

3/2/06 15:36


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