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Friday, February 03, 2006

Audio A calls it a day, i call it Thursday.

Well, this weeks addition should certainly be less controversial. ;)

Audio A has been on my mind because I recently heard, on Relevant's podcast that they are calling it a day. Frontman Mark Stuart has used his voice to the limit. Audio A fans, have you noticed that he is a little more hoarse on the last couple of albums then before? His vocal cords simply cannot handle it anymore, he has consulted with his doctors, and they have told him not to push it, or he could lose it permanently.

I offer one of my favorite tracks of all time that Audio Adrenaline ever recorded. Off of the 2003 album Worldwide, its the final track on the album the Ocean Floor Radio Remix. I actually like this acoustic version better then the original.

In honor of the Mae concert on Sunday in Phoenix (@ 7:30 Marquee Theater in Tempe)... Here is a little love.

The Everglow, the title track on Mae's latest(?) release.

What Audio A song has touched you? Leave me a (non anonymous) comment. :)


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