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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Snowbowl is CLOSED!!

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Dude. The Snowbowl is closed. I can't go snowboarding.

They closed the mountain on Monday because the snow was melting off, but, last night it snowed a decent clip, there was some on the ground in the city this morning. It has been drizzly all day, with infrequent bursts of snow and 'snail' (read: snow/hail).

The mountain won't be open again until as early as Friday, so, I may still get up there. We'll see. We were going to drive up there and just look around this afternoon a bit, but the road up was closed to our dinky vehicle.

We had lunch at Crystal Canyon Sandwich Co, and I schooled Carl at a quick game of pool while waiting for our food. We came back to the apartment and played Settler's of Catan. I almost won, but Ashley snatched the victory right out from underneath me.

We are about to leave for Youth Group in a few minutes. More later.


Anonymous Nys said...

Ha ha, of course I have to comment, becuase I am online more then anyone else...the photos look beautiful of Flagstaff. I have never been up there before. Hopefully you will be able to go up snowboarding; either way you got to escape Tucson for a week, and see old friends so it can't be too horrible...

30/3/06 05:00


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