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Friday, March 31, 2006

This is my 100th post!! W00t!

:: 100th post, Halo is here ::
This trip has been good. Its good to get away from things for a while and think. I've been pretty busy too though... Snowbowl was still closed today, but the road was opened, so we went up near the entrance and sledded. We had a blast, built a jump, got sunburned, watched Ken sled nearly a 1/2 mile (not kidding, the slope was just right and the snow nice, he went crazy far.), waited over 15 minutes for Ken to hike back, got cold, then got hot. I have some cool pictures of the jump, including some of me doing it bare chested... w00t!

When we got back to Carl's, it was time for us to run Halo club for his apartment complex. We had 3 boxes and even had a projector unit, it was sweet! We still had to rotate some people in and out because we had too many kids there. Its really too bad that Carl and I are so good... Because we always have to be on separate teams. We had some pretty epic matches this afternoon: Team Snipers on Acension, Multi-Bomb on Coagulation, 3 Team Swat on Ivory Tower, 4 round Single Bomb on Burial Mounds... ahhh... The goodness. I love Halo. I especially love Halo when the games are good.

:: Bethel Baptist Church ::
Yesterday was Breakout (Wednesday night youth group), Carl had 4 kids get baptizted. So awesome! And... well... Once a tech guy, always a tech guy.

:: Settler's of Catan ::
We've been playing Settler's quite a bit... This is from a game yesterday. I haven't won yet... I usually do well, but I haven't been able to pull out the win. Yet. Carl has about 10,000 board games. So there is always something to play...

I'll be here until Sunday morning, but Ken and Sherry are going home in the morning. I doubt I will get to snowboard, Snowbowl will be open tomorrow, but I have don't have anyone to go up there with me. :(


:: Carl droppin' in ::
Here is a slideshow of all the photos I've uploaded to Flickr. I can't upload anymore until Saturday (the first of the month). The only thing that I don't like about Flickr is the monthly upload limit (20mb), which... I don't think was around when I first started on Flickr, but I can't remember for sure. There is no storage limit, just upload limit.


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