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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome to our apartment!

:: our busted toilet
Thanks to my new favorite photo program, Picasa, which is free from Google, I have loaded a very brief photo tour of the apartment Brad and I have been staying in while in Moscow. Check out the apartment here.

Today was our first down day since arriving in Moscow. It was good to get some work done on the computer and... Its good that we were here anyway. The owner of the apartment called and wanted to come by and have a guy install a water meter. Its good that he came too, because our toilet is busted. But, now (right this moment, as a matter of fact) the owner is repairing the toilet. So, that is one work project that we can take off of our list. Sweet! If he gets done soon, Brad and I are going to go our for dinner... And it will be the first time all day that we have left the apartment. It feels good to be able to simply rest and read.

I have compiled all the photos that I can from the three of us interns and from a Russian who was at the last camp in one place. Check out that Picasa Web Album here.


Matt from Team Spain has been featured on IT's blog. Check it out here!

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Anonymous Tommy the (insert positive adj. here) said...

Is that your phone on the desk? Why do you have a phone that doesn't work? Nice Apt!

27/7/06 13:02

Anonymous Amy said...

You have a front-loading washing machine?!

29/7/06 21:40


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